21st Century Election Fraud in the United States of America

21st Century Election Fraud in the United States of America

Election fraud has been going on for as long as there have been elections. Cheating for desired election results comes in many forms. Buying votes or rigging the count predate the USA altogether. The cheating loopholes are usually spotted and fixed up but in the age of the computer a whole new vector for election fraud has come into existence.

In the coming months the world is going to want to learn everything it can about Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatics, Hammer, and Scorecard. Various high-profile and well respected insiders, including retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney are exposing that statecraft tools may have been used to attempt to steal the 2020 US Presidential Election. This week Rudy Guliani and Sidney Powell are both members of the Trump Campaign’s legal team and they have discussed powerful evidence of widespread electronic fraud in the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company that develops and sells vote tabulation system and software. They manufacture the tabulation machines that election workers feed ballots into. The tabulation machines read the ballot and store the results. Workers then collect tabulation data from all of the machines and collect it into a cloud-based software package where votes are counted at the precinct, county, and state level. The company apparently has much deeper roots that go back to Venezuela. Dominion is claimed to be a front for Smartmatics, a company that was built specifically for rigging elections.

Dominion Voting Systems are used in more than 30 US States and in Michigan the system is used in more than half of all counties. Dominion has a widespread footprint across the country and as part of the contracted duties they even supply workers to operate the machines. That’s right, a foreign company is hiring workers to count votes in more than half of the USA’s polling sites.

The company has a contract partnership with Smartmatics. Smartmatics is also foreign based and operates servers in Frankfurt, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. Smartmatics is in charge of collecting and indexing all of the tabulation data from the polling sites. They then combine the data into more complete results that are sent back for certification. US Elections are being calculated in the middle of Europe. This is a violation of US election law but more importantly it calls into question the validity of the results if the chain of custody is lost to international handlers. There are rumors of a US Military raid that may have taken custody of those very servers, more on that later.

Former Federal Prosecutor and Attorney for General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, has discussed Hammer and Scorecard in several public interviews. Her description and other open-source documents offer a lot of insight into what might be the truth about these tools. HAMR, colloquially known as Hammer, is listed within the Wikileaks Vault 7 releases.


A rudimentary overview of Hammer is that it is a general purpose tooklit used for State level cyberwarfare. It’s a general toolkit that is used with other plug-in applications that carry out job-specific tasks like spying, moving money, tracking people, or perhaps changing votes. One plug-in application that’s described by Lt. General McInerney is Scorecard. He explains it as an app designed for rigging election results.

Dominion Voting Systems and SmartMatics both have their roots in Venezuela dating back to 2004. These companies were both started with the specific purpose of re-electing President Hugo Chavez to power despite the will of the Venezuelan people. The systems are described as altering votes in transit. The method would obscure the alteration because it’s done between the hand off of trusted sources. The goal is to make the change without leaving any detectable record of alteration. If any particular voting record is looked up it would show no evidence of fraud or alteration. The system was also used in Argentina and now in the USA as evidenced by court records from Chicago.

In 2007 an election in Chicago uncovered much of this in the legal realm after counting lawsuits exposed SmartMatics. A company named Sequoia was counting the ballots in Chicago and uncovered mass confusion and had to review all of the results. They found that the results from SmartMatic was. Sequoia was a front for SmartMatic like Dominion is a front for SmartMatic.

On election night, Antrim County Michigan experienced a huge swing in results that stood out to citizens. Enough concern caused some checks that ultimately exposed a “glitch” that had switched 6,000 votes from Donald Trump to Biden. The media called the change a glitch and tried to sweep it under a rug but with a greater awareness of the players involved, it’s easy to presume that the glitch was fully intentional.

One feature of Scorecard is to keep the operators involved during the election process. To secure a rigged election the operators are alerted if actual votes are swinging results past a point that the desired winner may lose. We saw in many states across the country that suddenly vote counting was stopped. Most halts had no reason given. One site in Georgia appears to have created a story about leaky pipe to halt counting. Further investigation by The Gateway Pundit revealed no invoices to support a leak and even uncovered text messages saying the leak was no problem at all. These reactions do not indicate foul play by themselves however as the add up the picture becomes clear.


The President and his legal team continue to release more evidence of widespread election fraud. In addition to risks to election integrity from mail in ballots or absentee ballots the USA now must consider a new reality of electronic election fraud. The story will continue to develop and the fallout from mistrust in election results will continue to plague the electoral process until major changes are made to the system as a whole.


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